Art that Fits in Your Workspace

Gone are the days when art images in an office space were all about accessorizing. Today, art is used to make a statement about a business, tell its story and even pull together the entire look of your work space. Yes, it can be a challenge and that’s why we’re here to help. Here’s our take on the different kinds of photographic art images that work well with various contemporary work spaces:

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  • #GetItRight

Corporate & MNCs – Banks, financial firms or corporate advisory firms are from experimental, preferring the whole spotless cabin and neatly divided cubicle look, minus any frills. All in all the work space screams ‘I mean business!’ In keeping with this image (and perhaps to add a touch of emotion to it) opting for conceptual images that provide some food for thought is a great idea. Don’t shy away from choosing a series of images that go beyond being beautiful and actually tell a story.

Our pick - Abheet Gidwani’s Clear Vision captures everyday life in the big city, albeit in a inimitable manner. Each frame in this series focuses on the synchronization of architectural and human building blocks in an urban setting.

Creative Start - Ups – From advertising agencies to fashion houses, animation studios and social media start-ups – a creative workspace thrives on ideas. That’s why when choosing photographic art such spaces think beyond the ordinary pop art or quirky kind of imagery (oh-so-predictable!) Ask yourself instead: Does the room need some humour or drama? Perhaps a dose of inspiration? After all it’s all about choosing something that can bring your space and team to life, each day.

Our pick - Joy Dutta’s Respirit celebrates the splendour of nature using, picture this, mirror reflections! The end result is an array of never-seen-before stunning hues and patterns. On the other hand we have Sumer Verma’s Luminous Deep that discloses the exquisite form and fluid movement of life beneath the enigmatic opaque surface of the sea. We love!

Healthcare Spaces – From hospitals to nursing homes and clinics, healthcare spaces usually have a sombre, serious atmosphere and understandably so. That’s why it becomes important to pick colours and images that can have a calming, almost therapeutic effect on the environment, creating a space that is and introspective and comforting.

Our pick - Rafiq Sayed’s The Universe Speaks. Listen!, a series of black and white landscape images is a great example that allows the viewer to observe the magnitude of the universe, bringing to the fore its larger-than-life persona that we often forget in our everyday rat race.

Sounds simpler now, doesn’t it? So go on, choose the right art theme for your workspace and make it an office worth going to.